Hyper - Realistic cyber range attak simulation

How does it work?

Cyberbit is the leading provider of cyber ranges. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, telecom operators, MSSPs, system integrators, police departments, governments, militaries and higher education institutions, jointly running over 100,000 training sessions annually across 5 continents.

Cyberbit Cloud Range: Instant Simulation and Training Log in to a cloud-based virtualized SOC and mitigate live, simulated attacks using market-leading, commercial security products. Get real-time feedback to assess your skills.

Cyberbit On-Prem Range: Customize Your Cyber Range Set up your own cyber range. Customize your network infrastructure and security tools to align with your needs and assess people, processes and technologies.


Why Cyberbit?

Cyberbit Range is the most widely deployed Cyber Security Training and simulation platform.

Cyberbit  includes the world’s most advanced cyber range, available on-demand. Immerse your team in hyper-realistic, simulated attacks on the included cyber range to take their experience, skillset, and teamwork to the next level. Cyberbit’s live-fire cyber range simulations are the closest your team will get to a real-world incident. By training in cyber range exercises your team will excel, both technically and mentally, when the real attack takes place.

Cyberbit Range is a hyper-realistic cyber simulation platform that uses flight simulation disciplines to train, onboard and dramatically improve the performance of incident response teams.


Cyberbit Range for Enterprise

Move cybersecurity training  in-house

Over 70% of information security executives say that additional training and certification of staff is the top improvement to be made in their incident response program, with staffing and skill shortages being their number one impediment to effective incident response.

Train Your Security Experts Like Fighter Pilots

Powering over 20 cyber training centers with thousands of trainees annually, Cyberbit Range is now the most widely deployed cyber range platform on the globe. Cyberbit Range is used by Fortune 500 organizations, including Top 5 global banks.

Hyper-Realistic Simulation

Cyberbit Range generates an immersive environment that replicates your own network and SOC environment including security tools, network topology, normal enterprise traffic such and malicious attack scenario traffic.

Drag and Drop Customization

Advanced capabilities enable users to customize any aspect of the training session, including designing new threat scenarios, creating new training programs to fit specific needs, and customizing the simulated network infrastructure, by means of an easy-to-use graphical wizard.

Rich Training Packages

Cyberbit Range offers four training packages, which include Incident Response, Penetration Testing, ICS Security and advanced Individual Training, with each package comprising multiple simulated attack scenarios. Emulated threats include SQL injection, DDoS attacks, ransomware, phishing, data exfiltration and numerous other cyberattack scenarios.

A Complete Training Environment

It is the only fully-fledged cyber training environment, uniquely combining advanced simulation technology, comprehensive instruction toolsets, and content packages that address various training needs and attack scenarios. Instructor tools include debriefing, session recording and playback, trainee auto-scoring and evaluation, and real-time session control, such as triggering attacks or modifying their level of difficulty.

Train your cybersecurity team hands-on with the world’s leading hyper-realistic cyberattack simulation platform

Train with live cyberattacks on a cyber range. Be prepared for the real ones . —  try Cyberbit Range


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Validate Performance in Live-Fire Attack Simulations


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Hyper-Realistic Cyber Range Attack Simulation